Always in flux


On the edge of Chaos

Resonance and presence

Ever Vigilant and Hopeful

Enchanted by nature, time, and space

The works are made by combining watercolor, photography, oil paint, and digital media. Photographs capture moments of discovery in lyrical expressive painting. By way of photographic transcription, the camera chronicles a work in progress incorporating chance encounters with medium and the spontaneous energetic brushwork. In capturing momentary sumptuous nuances, the veils of watercolor acts as a catalyst for the oil and acrylic paintings. Photography has enabled me to examine abstraction through light, color, and painting in a new way. 



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Fernando Rangel

b.1968, Bogota, Colombia

Lives and works in New York City, N.Y.   646-808-5075




1996-2001          Art Students League, NYC

1988-1992          BFA, School of Visual Arts, NYC

1989                   Chautauqua Institution School of Art, Summer, NY

1983-1986          High School of Art and Design, Painting, NYC    




2018                   No Sanctuary, Friday Studio Gallery, Bushwick N.Y.

2017                   The Dissimulation, A transformation in Abstract, E-Modern Gallerie, PA

                           Undefined Abstraction, William Whipple Gallery, SMSU, MN

                           High Line Open Studios Exhibit, Chelsea NYC


2016                   High Line Open Studios Exhibit, Chelsea NYC


2012                   Paintings and Photographs, SBM Gallery, NYC 


2010                   Team Work, Allan Nederpelt Fine Arts, NY

                           Latin Art Experience, Franklin 54 Gallery and Projects, NYC

                           Spontaneous, Space Womb Gallery, NY




1992-2017           Works held in private collections in The United States, Colombia, and Australia

1993                    Neuberger Berman




2002- Present     Senior Associate, Jeff Koons LLC., NYC

                             Production of oil paintings for Jeff Koons


1996-2001           Painting Manager, Jeff Koons LLC., NYC

                             Responsible for the production of many large scale oil paintings.  

                             Jeff Koons : Series:  Celebration, Easy Fun, and Easy-Fun Ethereal.


1992- 2018          Private sales, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints

                             Freelance Illustration:  DH Blair and Co., Neuberger and     

                             Berman, State Mutual Life Assurance, N.Y. Life Insurance,                          

                             Miramax, Bon Appetite, Charter Medical Corp., School of Visual Arts,

                             Dartmouth College, Plum Graphics, Mikaya Press

Rapture 2015, 6' x 8'


“We learned from Oriental thought that those divine influences are, in fact, the environment in which we are. A sober and quiet mind is one in which the ego does not obstruct the fluency of things that come in through the senses and up through one's dreams. Our business in living is to become fluent with the life we are living, and art can help this. “

—John Cage